June 23, 2024


A perfect condition top end Pachislo with the features will definitely cost comparable like a low finish Las vegas Slot. A minimal finish fundamental Pachislo model will definitely cost about identical to the hopper alone from the Las vegas Slot.


Las vegas machines tend to be more hard to repair than Pachislo machines, and much more pricey to correct too. For instance, Las vegas machines need a battery. When the machine sits dormant for any lengthy time period that battery will have to be changed. It may cost just as much to exchange that single battery because you will invest in a minimal finish Pachislo.

Pachislos can sit kept in storage for a long time and also have no issues… plug it in and play. Other product batteries.

Many years of Casino Use

Legally, a Pachislo machine are only able to be utilized inside a casino for just one year, then time it should be upon the market. Las vegas machines are performed in casinos as lengthy because they are working. The finish buyer never knows how long a specific machine was at an online casino, and casino me is Difficult on a slot machine game.

Getting into the device With no Key

The most typical problem for just about any slot machine game owner is really a lost door key. Should you possess a Las vegas slot you will have to have a very good drill, understanding of methods to drill out barrel locks… or even the title of the good locksmith professional should you lose you key. Should you lose you key for any Pachislo you will find several means to access within the device and pop the latches towards the door. Once inside it’s only a matter of getting rid of two screws, sliding the lock and changing it with a brand new lock/key for approximately $20.


Las vegas slots can weigh up to 250 pounds. The typical Pachislo weighs in at only 85 pounds. Which means when you do get a Las vegas machine into you home and in to the room you would like it to stay, Ensure That It Stays THERE. They’re tough to move, causing them to be hard to take anywhere for repairs, to maneuver from area to area of even in one finish of the room to a different. So when you’re ready to sell the customer can’t just lift it, place it inside a vehicle and drive away.

Pachislos are lighter and also have built-in handles, which makes them much simpler to more to the location and hang on any table, cabinet or stand.

Energy Cord

Energy cords on Las vegas machines range from bottom from the machine. Energy cords on Pachislos range from back. To utilize a Las vegas slot you may need a special stand that may contain the weight from the machine and it has holes towards the bottom and to run the cord. Pachislos are simply set lower, blocked and performed.

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